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About Us

Since being found in 2000, Darich Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors and Reed Switches

With honorable customer services, technical superiority and high quality, DRH has been acknowledged as a famous brand in the market. It has received favorable customers’ evaluation with excellent management and innovation.

However, Darich has not yet satisfied with the achievement. For the benefits of customers, Darich commits to keeping development of high-quality and competitive products. It looks forward to be one of the leading vendors and a reliable partner of customers in the field of sensor application.


Darich is always proud of the sensors innovation and design ability. It has offered diversified and inventive products that helped customers to increase productivity and lower production costs.

Darich also keep devoting tremendous resources in product development and research and employees training to secure a lasting competitive advantage position in the sensors market.


Darich is committed to providing reliable and high-quality products to customers. The quality control is implemented at the initial phase of the R&D and to the production, testing and packing stages. All products of DRH have acquired CE Marking Compliance certification and we are assessing to be in accordance with the requirement of the standard ISO-9001 quality management.


Being an important technical partner of customers, Darich offers high quality and cost competitive products to its customers. Besides, Darich also provides a variety of technical supports, consulting services as followings:

A. Producing standard type sensors to the market.
B. Accepting a variety of co-operations in custom-made, development and production of proproducts. 
C. Providing a total solution of sensor including product design and technical consultant.


Darich conducts its business philosophy of management and services by creating a broad spectrum of high quality products. The company ensures the satisfaction of customers remains at a top priority when phasing in a new product. As a result of continuing interactive and communicate with customers, we have succeeded in predicting and recognizing the need of market as well as meeting the requirement of customers.

Innovative Technology.Excellent Quality .Active Service.